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If you answer yes to any of these questions, you might need your ducts cleaned, and Apollo can help.

Do you have excessive dust in your home?

Are your heating and cooling registers dirty?

Have you had any remodeling or construction done?

Have you seen a mouse or things left by a mouse?

Does your dryer take way too long to dry or takes 2 cycles?

These are all good indicators that your duct work could be clogged and or full of debris.  The average house will have 5 to 15 pounds of debris in the duct work.

Apollo Heating & Air Conditioning offers a $39.00 in home video duct inspection.  We will bring out the latest video equipment and show you what is inside your ducts.  We look for excessive debris, dust, mold, mice, etc…  This also gives you the opportunity to see for yourself if the ducts are dirty.

We use the ROTOBRUSH method.  Not to be confused with the rotary method.  We pull off all the registers and send a brush down in the vents to clean them.  This means less dust, dander, and other air born contaminates in your home.

We spend about 2 hours for every 10 registers in your home.  We take our time to insure your ducts are cleaned properly and professionally.   Don’t be fooled by ads you find in the paper or mailers.  They are just starting prices.  The prices they offer will change once you let them in.  We offer a complete and accurate estimate before we begin any work with no surprises after the work has been complete. We guarantee your ducts will be clean and the air you breathe will be healthier.


Once we give you a price, that is where it stays…

Call today for a VIDEO inspection for only $39.00. 

VIDEO inspection - duct cleaning

We show you the before and after to prove the difference


Why Rotobrush?

 Features Rotobrush aiR+® System Competitor
Brush-and-vacuum method mark mark
Remote control mark mark
Cleans metal ducting mark mark
Works off 1-15 amp outlet mark  
Modular Design - can be taken into attic or crawl space mark  
Safe for flex duct or ductboard mark  
Multiple-size brushes mark  
Patented Nozzle mark  
Operates at full capacity with just one power cord mark  
ETL/UL Listed mark  
Turn-around proof hose mark  

 Apollo Heating & Air Conditioning installs residential heating and cooling systems in new and existing homes at affordable prices. We also offer duct cleaning services, and are your duct cleaner professionals. Apollo provides HVAC services for St Paul, MN, as well as Oakdale, White Bear Lake, Roseville, and surrounding Minnesota communities.












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